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Our Story

Bustling in the heart of querky Camden, Popdogs was born from a concoction of good people, good food & good times. All we wanted was to connect with people on a mass scale & what better way to do it than with food. Starting off as a market stall, we’ve slowly ventured out to satisfy the tastebuds of avid food lovers a far. We’re a cheeky bunch, that happen to sell sausages, so don’t be surprised at the odd innuendo!

The Dogs

The buns. Baked fresh & picked up from our local baker every morning. Hearty & fluffy. The dogs. Carefully crafted to get your juices flowing but not turn you into a drooling mess! Luscious & filling. Our meat sausages are of the highest quality, gluten free, nothing artificial & all natural. Our meat is sourced from Cherry Orchard farm in Leicestershire & is free range. Our vegetarian sausages are homemade with locally sourced ingredients. These puppies seriously give their meat rivals a run for their money!


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